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International banker, financial trader, lawyer, writer and journalist.
Baron of Naples and Prince of San Giorgio – President of the United Nobles Federation.

He graduated in Political Science at the Federico II University of Naples and later attended a Master’s degree in Swiss banking and financial trading. In 1992 he moved to New York employed by a large Wall Street agency with the task of following the relations between the same and the three banking giants: Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Bank of America. In 1997 he returned to Italy to get closer to his family and since then he has been working as a financial consultant. It is required by governments for its budgetary advice. He collaborates with African and South American General Embassies and Consulates as a development consultant. He deals with Corporate finance, Wealth management and Private banking. It supports companies in the search for new development opportunities, partnerships and bank financing both in Italy and abroad. He deals with analysis and creation of risk frameworks and robust control by collaborating with the major European Banks and with major law firms in Europe and America. In 2014, based in London, he is Chief Operating Officer in the construction of an important business platform. In 2015 he graduated in law and became a lawyer. In 2018 he received his European Journalist Legitimation card. To date he is considered one of our best financial advisors.

Positions held:

  • Ambassador of Peace for the Confederation of Crusader Knights
  • Member of Parliament at the World Parliament of the Crusader Knights
  • President of the European Political Observatory (OPE)
  • Member of the Foreign Ministry consultants register
  • Honorary President of the CICS (International Development Committee)
  • Honorary Professor at the “International Research Institute L.C.” Washington (USA)
  • Knight “Grand Chancellor of Italy” of the Order of the Knights of St. Francis of Assisi “
  • Grand Master of the Order, First Secretary of the Chancellor and General Affairs of the Knights of the Holy Cross of Malta (OSJ)
  • Grand Governor of the International Confederation of the Knights of Peace
  • Member of AIOC – International Association of Knightly Honors Dr. H.C. in Political Science – at PRO DEO
  • Financial Consultant at the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Honorary Consul of the Central African Republic for the services provided to the country
  • Member of the ASQ – American Society for Quality
  • International journalist at GNS Presse
  • Councilor of the “Radici” Association – Italians Abroad
  • Vice President of the Uniglobus University Foundation

Studies and specializations:

  • Degree in Political Science and International Relations
  • Degree in Magistral Law
  • Master in International Economics and Finance
  • Master in Administration, Control and Finance
  • Master in Business Management
  • Master in Business Administration – Financial Strategists
  • Master in Criminology
  • Financial Trading Economics Course
  • Course in International Development Cooperation
  • Course in Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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