Rigor, ethics and excellence are the fundamental principles we have always believed in. These values were handed down over generations since 1980, a year when Di Mascio family was awarded for having accomplished great social and moral deeds.
It was also of great support the military and ecclesiastic influence of our family through the generations.We have had a strong banking managerial experience from more than thirty years and we are certain that we offer the best operative service to our customers.



takes care and develops the relationship and the business with the customer.



deals with the asset management and the business for the companies and for the private sector.
Our performance: the number of customers doesn’t matter that much as their excellence. Our firm is specialized in the economic dealing in the financial and commercial field and it’s also a treasurer and a movable asset and real estate manager.

It operates with the capital entrusted by its customers for financial and/or real estate investments.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES collaborates with the best international financial traders, together with the main banks reserved only for selected customers, since it works for the quality and not for the quantity, offering in this way certain and excellent results.

The customer doesn’t select us, but we are the ones who select him. This allows us to keep a high profile in business, which is directly linked to our selected customers who ask for protection and safeness.
According to these values, DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES considers and proposes its Know how to the customers.

We have gained our experience in Italy, England, France and in the USA over thirty years and we are now expanding in Switzerland too.




Due to our strong and shared values of tradition, cohesion, consideration and respect for the person, together with hard work and INDEPENDENCE, reaching the goal is a mission for us.
The safeness and the protection that DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES offers to its customers is inspired to a frank wisdom, which is immune from speculative temptations and incautious previsions.

We make sure that our institution keeps a sober and serious appearance, which our management has carried on from more than thirty years. This is the essence of our culture and it may be defined as our examination of conscience.

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES is also specialized in financial – commercial – fiscal consulting for the entrepreneurs and the private customers, as well as for the Embassies, consulates and foreign countries.
Specifically for the firms, it is oriented in monitoring strategic areas all over the world. This activity is aimed at businesses which strive for an intelligent competition and it analyses the costs of production, the quality of production, the safeness of the interested country, fiscal taxes and logistics.




As we have mentioned, rigor, ethics and excellence are the main principles we believe in and we relate to our customers.

CONSIDERATION OF THE PERSON: an essential value of our activity is the respect of our customer’s needs and of our personal expectations.

COMMITMENT: when we build a relationship with our customer we never use standard products. Every situation is a single story. The only constant is our commitment, which is always oriented in finding the best solutions for each customer.


“This is the ethic rule of the intermediaries whereby they have to advise their customers only about those investments in securities, real estate and goods for which they have a particular knowledge or that are suitable for the particular type of investor they are assisting”.

The assumption of our work starts from here.

Thanks to its long tradition, DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES informs its customers that the personalization of the service is higher when it has the chance to insert their choices in the long period, that is to say when it is allowed to estimate the impact of the choices not only in the short period, but also in the family dynamics of the future.

Centrality of the customer

The advantage of a small, but solid structure of advisors in Private Banking and in asset management lies primarily on the rapidity in taking decisions, on a greater independence and on the ability of focusing on the customer’s needs; in other words, on a high degree of specialization.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES is particularly oriented to the rare opportunity of being independent and to its own ability of being an asset manager, since it also works with the most qualified banks in the world.
The performance we reached today is the evidence of our excellent administration.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES is also a Financial Advisor and Financial broker. This allows us to offer the best to our customers, which are selected in an international scenery.


Core Business


Patrimonial management private customers.
Mortgages, leasing, factoring through the main European banks in agreement with us. Warranties – sureties.
Financing industrial projects – Wholesale banking.
Prepaid foreign credit cards.
Purchase of credits – debts.
Financing of businesses through the main European banks in agreement with us. Opening bank accounts in foreign banks in foreign countries.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES performs Corporate Finance activities (assistance/consulting in acquisition, fusion, fission and restructuring operations and, generally speaking, in extraordinary and structured finance operations) serving investee companies and customers.

The Corporate Finance activity is structured as follows:

Corporate restructuring Shareholding financial investments

Restructuring of liabilities

Corporate financial planning

Real estate buying and selling

Securities buying and selling

Negotiation of metals

Research for partners

Setting-up companies abroad

Company liquidation

Feasibility studies for foreign joint ventures Competition and sector analysis
Corporate and business unit estimations IPO’s for businesses

Acquisition/selling of businesses or business units Checking the corporate performance
Patents buying and selling
Insurance with the main European companies

Relationship with institutional bodies and business plans of corporate start-ups.

Private Banking


The asset management that DI MASCIO FINANCIAL & CONSULTING SERVICES offers ensures a high level of certainty and discretion for the customer because it cooperates with the main European banks present all over the world, which have consolidated such a strong experience over the years that they are unquestionably solid today .

As we have mentioned, the main distinguishing features of DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES are independence, managerial autonomy, discretion and the quality of the service.
The deep knowledge of the markets, the collaboration with banks with a proven moral rigor, our favorable geographical position and the absolute independence make DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES an operator of primary importance since it is able to offer to its customers exclusive services, from the asset management to security and real estate investments.

We don’t seek for mass operations, but we rather consider ourselves partners of our customers and we look for a personal relationship with them.
The features that distinguish the DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES personnel are confidentiality, courtesy, cordiality and care. They analyze and solve the needs of every entrepreneur and of the private customers.

We are specialized in elaborating patrimonial strategies which are individually created with our customers and for them.
Thanks to a clear, honest and individual consulting, oriented to the effective needs of our customers, it is of great importance for us to make sure their safeness and, in particular, their risk/yield profile when we have to choose the investment products for which we offer a solid balance.

In our product range we put in practice the most recent knowledge gained in a scientific ambit. We invest in a conscious way in our financial know how and in a high-performance information technology.

Security and real estate asset management

When we operate with real estate, we grant absolute confidentiality, the best economic results and protection.

We also offer wide guarantee of absolute confidentiality while dealing with your money, your corporate shares and every other kind of asset, and all this away from any sort of danger or external interference.


Our established relationship with the leading credit institutions allows us to optimize, in the economic sense and in the short period, traditional financial operations, such as loans, leasing and factoring, with no limits in amount.

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES buys or sells the business or unit business in the name and on behalf of the main customers, offering the appropriate guaranties for the success of the business.

FINANCING INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS Operations of extraordinary finance

The activity of DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES is directed to offer a consulting service and a financial support for the business in its growth and development phases, using directly the resources of the institute and intermediating market products

We give support in the definition of the strategic objectives of the businesses and we identify the operations of extraordinary finance which meet these objectives.
We develop the project following your directions, initially verifying the potentials of the market; the second phase consists in the creation of the business plan, supported by the documentation produced; the third phase consists in presenting the initiative to the referenced bank, while in the fourth phase there is financing, which can be in one solution or step by step.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES releases sureties through the main operators of the sector for operations of industrial development, for buying businesses or unit businesses and even more. We only take into consideration operations where TO DO and TO GIVE take part of the same inseparable contract.


DI MASCIO FINANCIAL & CONSULTING SERVICES buys on behalf of third parties from businesses and private individuals credits and/or debts of any commercial sort.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, in agreement with the main managing autorities of credit cards, offers to managers of businesses and to private customers the possibility to obtain prepaid foreign credit or debit cards, maintaining in the meanwhile an absolute confidentiality.

The goodness of the prepaid foreign credit card allows to anyone to buy and spend money everywhere in the world in absolute secrecy.

Corporate financing through the main European banks in agreement with us

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, in agreement with the main European banks, finances industrial developments and projects in order to buy businesses or unit businesses and even more in every industrial and commercial sector.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES is able to open bank accounts in foreign banks in foreign countries in real time, getting an optimized interest rate even with non-binding money. This worth for businesses and for private customers too.

Corporate Finance


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES offers a high-quality consulting in fissions, in fiscal operations linked to inheritances and parasocial agreements (negotiations with stakeholders, drawing up of agreements and individuation of new potential partners).


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES makes financial-economic analysis of the company/group which has to be restructured, it thinks out sceneries for financial rebalance, it negotiate with the main creditors, …


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES makes measurements of the cash flow and it provides solutions about the way of optimizing it in reference to the different corporate strategies, which can be put in place especially in relation to new investments that the business is willing to make.

The formulation of a financial plan, a financial budget and a cash budget allows a constant temporal monitoring in order to check, through the analysis of the deviations, the estimated data and the consumptive data.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES uses the classic methods of the doctrine, in addition to D.C.F. (Disconted Cash Flow) and the innovative method E.V.A. (Economic Value Added), based on the expected cash flows, in order to identify the right purchasing/selling price of the business and/or the shareholding (directly or only shareholding), focusing on the ability of generating cash and on the existence of potential risks and liabilities.

IPO’S FOR BUSINESSES Operations of extraordinary finance

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES drives the business in its way to the IPO. A business with this aim doesn’t have to be necessarily big or it doesn’t need to have high revenues, but it’s important that it has a series of strategic factors that would allow the project to come true.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, through the analysis of the corporate historical trend, proceeds to the realization of economic, patrimonial and financial ratios, oriented to the creation of a “framework pilot” that checks corporate performances. This “tableau” checks the efficiency of the equity capital through the transversal analysis of the economic, patrimonial and financial variables.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES negotiates the purchase and the selling of metals and goods on behalf of our customers, such as aluminum, steel, iron, copper, coal, sugar cane, wheat, corn, …


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, in agreement with important international law firms, allows a rapid on-site construction of corporate structures and it helps entrepreneurs in taking decisions over legal and fiscal issues.
In order to verify the sustainability of the business for the corporate start-up, we create detailed provisional profit and loss account, provisional balance sheets and provisional financial reports referred to long-term periods.

The possibility of interacting with a structure that makes real time accounting allows a constant checking of the preventive planning since the beginning.

COMPANY LIQUIDATIONS Operations of extraordinary finance

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES provides an analysis of the current condition of the business, it defines the strategy for the liquidation, paying a lot of attention to timing, and where it is possible, it tries hard to avoid failure. Appropriate guarantees are offered to the creditors in order to make a successful liquidation.


The globalization of the markets and the process of international planning ask for a cautious process of fiscal planning. It is more and more demanded to balance the fiscal pressure for the commercial activities in relation to the obligations and the opportunities given by the tributary legislation. Under this point of view it is important to not ignore the fiscal variable which is a managerial cost, thus to be minimized.

For this reason DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES examines the current structure of the business and it looks for the most convenient country and the most favorable options to reduce the total fiscal pressure. Afterwards it examines the accounting and fiscal obligations linked to different entities, it compares costs and advantages and it forestalls new entities abroad according to the current regulations.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES’s main objective is to make understand to the potential investor the risks and the opportunities of the investment thanks to a deep knowledge of the target enterprise and the business in which it operates.

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, together with other important institutes of the sector located in world’s strategic areas, finds the partner interested in doing business with the customer, from every part of the world, granting the successful ending of the operation.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES creates the business plan oriented to an economic, patrimonial and financial measurement of the business, taking

into consideration the legislative and fiscal constraints of the interested country. When it is needed, it prepares the business plan in order to collect and optimize the risk capital.

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES Provides the legal assistance for any kind of contract.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES identifies the strategic choices and the economic, patrimonial and financial results of the businesses which compete directly with the business of our customer, who is the one that points out all these competitors. Consequently the average trends of the sector are found out, allowing thus the measurement of these choices and results in relation to the strategic choices of the business of our customer.

SECURITIES BUYING AND SELLING Operations of extraordinary finance

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES purchases, in its own name and for its own account or for its customers, stocks, bonds, zero coupons of important businesses, together with government bonds, only with the certification of non-criminal origins and only in ownership.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES buys or sells, in the name and on behalf of the most important customers, your business or business unit, offering in the meantime the appropriate guaranties for the business’s success.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES has contacts in every country of the world. Thanks to them we are able to develop a research for your potential partner of medium and large dimensions, in every industrial and commercial sector.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES offers assistance in the relationship with the market and regulatory authorities in various countries of the world.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES is able to offer the best insurance services at the best economic conditions with the most important insurance companies of the world. We insure merchant ships, passenger ships, yachts and others.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES purchases and sells, in name and behalf of its customers, patents of every kind, usefulness and purpose, from the craft usefulness to the industrial one. It analyzes, together with the assignor, the patent’s usefulness, the intended users, the market potentials, the estimated value and it compares it to similar patents.


DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES estimates your business according to some economic parameters and the management of it at the current moment.

DI MASCIO CONSULTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES suggests the necessary strategies in order to be more competitive, while satisfying in the meantime the Basilea 2 parameters.



We promote and assist the Italian businesses in the research of new commercial opportunities in both countries, predisposing business meetings with the local counterparts.
We help foreign businesses to get into the market through the following services:

–  Information support and market researches;

–  Research of partners;

–  We establish relationships with businesses and government agencies;

–  Operative support;

–  Asset acquisitions;

–  Ecological projects;

–  Organizational consulting and corporate restructuring;

–  Organization of events;

–  Organization of international exhibitions;

–  High-quality updating of research data about producers or energy importers (sellers) in the field specified by the foreign business (buyer);

–  Organization of bilateral meetings with the top managers of the interested business;

–  We provide the official invitation to the buyer, to his partner or to the representatives who make a visit (and if it is necessary, we dispatch the procedures to get the visa);

–  Services to the person during negotiations, including translations, gatherings, assistance while signing contracts;

–  We prepare the drafting of the service contacts between the buyer and the seller according to the regulations and the laws;

–  We provide the coordination for the achievement of the definitive signature of the contract; 
Dr. Arturo Di Mascio Via Tibullo

–  Organization and management of the guests who sojourn (hotel reservations, transfers, excursions, logistics for the panel discussion, …);

–  We provide supervision for the future development of the commercial relationship between the partners, including the customs procedures and every other kind of official procedure;

–  Relationship with the local institutions;

–  Organization of conferences, seminars, panel discussions and meetings over topics about international commerce and the opportunities of making business and investments abroad, in particular in the countries of strategic interest;

–  Targeted consulting about the financial sector;

–  Relationship with the local press;

–  Legal assistance through a high-professional office;

–  Development and marketing.

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